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Youth Hockey
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Re: Hockey isn't for everyone

Huh? Is English your second language? What events? What funding? Demand by whom?

Youth hockey isn't a "grassroots program." It's run by private, for-profit enterprises. Town hockey is, like any not-for-profit in a for-profit world, scrambling to keep up.

USA Hockey is a governing body that provides a common set of rules, comparable to Little League International, and a minimally valuable insurance policy that leaves people with a false sense of security.

Way more people are making way more money through the sport than 10 years ago. Sure, the economy could tank if Guam gets nuked, but short of that, it seems like an odd time to be thinking up doomsday scenarios.

I hate to correct you, but teams like the MMF...are non profit.
Technically, not for profit, not non profit. And charities as well as amateur sports organizations do qualify under Code Sec. 501(c)(3). But MMF ain't no charity.