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Re: Best non-daddy coach programs.

Before the game - ok, Johnny when you get the puck just skate it because your linemate won't give it back to you. I'll give you $10 for every goal. You need to skate your hardest every shift, and stop coming off the ice so early. Keep looking at me up in stands in case I need to tell you something. Post game - Why did you pass it, when you had a shot? You played horrible today! You played great, but you line mates didn't. How come the coach doesn't put you with so and so. And on and on it goes.

I hope this guy ^^ is not a coach...holy moly.

Lot of them nutso's out there. FED league littered with them. Stick to basketball and following Lavar Ball around. Safer, and your kid less inclined to get hurt by being cut from a FED Silver team and thrown back onto a Valley League Town C team.