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Youth Hockey
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Breakers,Wizards,Assabet and everyone esle


I think the new U8( full time season) is where all the hype will be this year.


I think the new U8( full time season) is where all the hype will be this year.

do they take naps in between periods?


Find a good coach and a team that they like. Focus on skating, skating, skating, and then skills. Most of the coaches out there don’t know what they are doing and didn’t play at an elite level when they were younger and won’t be able to do anything to help you daughter and will most likely even negativity affect their development. You have to do your research on the individual coaches and teams not necessarily the programs as a whole. DON’T ASSUME A GOOD PROGRAM WILL HAVE A GOOD COACH/TEAM AT EVERY LEVEL BECAUSE THEY WONT. Hopefully you can find something close to your home for logistics purposes.

My advice is to only have your daughter play with boys if they can play at an elite boys level. Having her play for a low level boys team will not help them because the skill level and coaching will not be good and they will most likely be physically outmatched. If they are good enough (which will only be the case at they are either really big or elite skaters with solid skills) and driven to do so, have them play for an elite boys team and also a top girls team but prioritize the girls team because that will be where they foster their lifelong friendships and have the best experiences which is what they will remember later in life. That is a LOT of hockey for a young player and their family so only go this route if they love the game and you are a little crazy (in a good way) because if not you will just burn them out and they might be good when younger but will eventually burn out and get passed by other players who maintain their drive and peak later. Good luck.