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Re: No More Icing on the P.K.!

1) Will increase scoring (agreed) and force more parity for teams in league play (nope, as long as parents are dumb enough to pay for their kids to play on bad teams with bad coaching for bad organizations, there will be no parity)
2) Will increase puck time on stick and possession which increases skill (for some players, not much for others, will make coaches use even fewer kids on the PK)
3) Will force players to think more in the game and have to make decisions (coaching can do that already and its arguable that this will happen, will just be more mistakes, leading to more goals)
4) Will clean the game up and make kids play versus be lazy goons (good, consistent officiating would do this, even if those teams start losing games, they will ust goon it up late since there are no real consequences)
5) Will force coaches of goon squads to either be penalized or actually teach the right things for youth players (what color is the sky in your world?)

Re: No More Icing on the P.K.!


From the DBoard Facebook page - a story in The Sunday Boston Globe.
For Americans 14 and younger, icing on penalty kill won’t be allowed.

USA Hockey, always screwing with the game with limited results.


Re: No More Icing on the P.K.!

The article starts with the statement that it takes no skill to ice the puck. Except it often takes skill and anticipation to get the puck on the pk and quite a few icing attempts end up on the stick of the Dman at the point. So, I have to disagree with the that.

The intended benefit is to unleash the potential of kids on the PK who will start making sweet plays to get out of their zone. Of course, given the state of coaching throughout most of the youth level, they can barely teach the game as it is without making it tougher on a less skilled team. If coaching was good, this wouldn't be a problem in the first place as teams would be breaking out when then can and not just continually icing the puck.

The likely consequence, especially as its for younger kids, is that the kids will try to do it themselves and simply get stripped of the puck. Or this will lead to plenty of cross ice D zone passes that will end up in the back of the net. Most of the coaching will stay the same and it will just be that much easy for better teams to score on the PP.

It really punishes the teams that face mismatches already and increases the damage that poor officiating does in games.

Should be fun.