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Re: Boston Breakout

He is talking about the 08 Elite Team genius, not Tier1 parity.

Re: Boston Breakout

08 Bandits looking like a mid-season team as we approach the Breakout in the coming weeks.

Spoken like a true Bandit parent. heard the same thing last week " we look real good, we have really put it together with our practices over the past few months, completely different team that was swept parity and ended up in silver, no doubt we would compete in black !

I love you Bandits wackos !!

No 08 Elite Bandit Parent is going to post how good they think the team is on the D Board. It's obviously some loser trying to troll 8 and 9 year old kids to get a negative response from douche bags like the above poster. Get a life OP. Go troll some other team!!!