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Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

no skin in game - but have seen 05 north stars play on few occassions. Big, well coached team - I dont care what league they are in they would land in the upper half of fed after the top teams. I have a novel idea for all for all you 05 crazies - grow a set and go play them and see what happens - but we know that wont happen.

05 Hurricanes cape cod beat them last year at least once maybe twice at JWK

Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

and BJE Tier 1 team beat Hurricanes at a Top Gun Tourney twice last Feb. Who cares.

Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

05 division has Eagles vs valley warriors

Sounds like a varsity vs. JV game.

Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

Depending on what the schedules look like when they drop we could see some substantial inter-league play. Seems to be a decent compliment of "elite" teams from both leagues.

Anybody want to list their grievances now? Travel? Rinks? Weather? Refs?

Or will the games just do the talking?
Thanks for giving me something to do during my conference call. Spent a few minutes looking at last year's results. E9 and EHF teams for the most part did very well. A few poor showings here and there but I was pretty surprised. Why everyone on here has such a need to believe in the superiority of the all-powerful EHF is a mystery. It's certainly strong but in the end it's a youth sports league. There are good players all over the place.

Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

Northstars would crush IHC. IHC talent is over-rated.

Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

IHC Lost two of their top players. Not sure they will be the same.

Re: Fed Elite v. E9 (SuperSeriesAAA)

Best player went to VJW