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Re: 2008's

I believe that is the Greater Boston Junior Bruins. That is a totally different organization.

I believe it. That kid moved to the Boston area for the Brick. I heard the other kid is too. That's not a coincidence. It's a small hockey world. Whack jobs.

Re: 2008's

Gotta love the people who think the Brick is the end all be all. It's a really cool hockey tournament especially for people who don't worry about dropping several grand. Nothing more. It's not an opportunity. For a 9 year old? How many 9 year olds can even spell opportunity? People who think its anything more than that have taken too many pucks off the brain pan.

Re: 2008's

08 Jr Bruins team.. is that the same thing as the 08 Jr Bruins Brick team? Or different? 08 Jr Bruins lost 20-0 to someone a few weeks ago in the Warrior tournament. Went 0-4. I hope that isn't the Brick team.

That's the Jr. Bruins regular season team. Different than the Jr. Bruins summer team with the Brick charter for New England (except Connecticut) and parts of Canada.