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Re: 06 Superseries - Boston Breakout

Corn Dog
That is boring.... can we please have another Dbag Dad come on and tell us how good their prepubescent kid is and all the nice things people said about him in the summer leagues... so much more entertaining!! I am relying on you guys to get me through a slow Friday in the office.

I expect huge accolades from my Grinder this year.

He is in the E9 this year for those that aren't familiar with the league it is comparable to the BHL, EMHL, BHL or Valley League AA.

Skating and hands are poor but he is big and strong. Everyone at the rinks keep saying "wait till the hitting starts." That is exactly what I am going to do. The theme around the locker room is that leagues and levels don't matter, so I am on board with that too.

Seems like from Mite until about age 16 none of this matters. Around 16 I have been taught to expect that all the good kids start to suck and the big kids start pounding people. From there its an easy jog into high level hockey.

Let's drop the puck!
Take a look back at what you just wrote, as an alleged adult. You should be feeling pretty good about yourself. Your kid in the EHF is no better than a kid in the E9 or other leagues across the country. Hold yourself, admit it and have a good cry. You'll get over it.

Slow down, that post is pretty accurate and downright hilarious, because some wackos actually believe that stuff, But...What is even funnier is that you took the bait, because there is no doubt that was written by a Tier 1 Parent or a low level EHF Elite kid's dad. These people are left with poking fun at the E9 and BHL, because that is the only thing that keeps them thinking that their kid is better than he actually is.

There was a lot of movement this past year, so discreetly ask some parents who have played both leagues and ask where the differences are, if they are any depending on what level and organization, or ask the Kids who went to a league or level they believed was supposedly inferior and failed to make the team.

Now, don't go asking the parent of the kids who have played at four organizations in the past four years, because they are an inaccurate barometer and just fail to see that it is their kids who are the issue and not the programs !! (you know who you are)

^^^^^ The reality is the many players switch teams. This has gone of for years and will continue to happen. Very few players that have made it to the next level have stayed with only 1 team, very few. Get your facts straight dummy!! (you know who you are).

yea, I get that. In fact my kid has switched teams. In the normal course of progression that I believe that you are speaking of, the kids normally move up in a talent level or tier, or move laterally to a team with better coaching for the most part. Everyone understands that move and those kids and that will always be a part of hockey. As you progress you find hockey that you never even knew existed when they played at the previous levels.

I was referring to the kids moving laterally to four organizations in four years, because they did not make a top team because the evaluators or coaches do not know how to evaluate talent. So they bounce form team to team, bashing the previous team to everyone saying how bad it is, and their kids were actually good and not the problem, only to repeat the cycle at the end of the year, when they have to jump ship again.

Those parents need to leave their kid at a good organization and let them progress and understand that their progression may peak at Tier 1 or AAA, or Town B

Good point, there are families that move every year because every team stinks, and there are families that move for a change or progression. I would argue that you should plan to split your youth career with a couple of different organizations and coaching staffs. 6-7 years is a long time to play with the same coach. Your guy will learn more with another point of view after a few years.