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Re: 06 Breakout

Thanks for watching our games PD! Come down to the rink for some autographs.

Re: 06 Breakout

Get in the ring!

Re: 06 Breakout

I'm too busy recruiting. I want my kid to play with the best.

Re: 06 Breakout

I'm too busy recruiting. I want my kid to play with the best.

Good luck! No coach wants him or his kid around their team!!!

Re: 06 Breakout

Well that shut him up.

Re: 06 Breakout

Vred Coach
It's ok boys, we won the Meltdown ehhh. Maybe I should move to Massachusetts to coach the Islanders. Your coach is not getting the most out of you. You are better than that, plus you got the best goalie not only in EHF but North America. See you boys in Italy. World Selects BABY!!!

We're offering some great condos up here for weekend rentals. One, two and three bedroom units close to the rink. We will work with your coach to schedule games late on Saturday and early Sunday to get you back to the US for school.

Fredericton Realty Hockey will team up with your coach to offer a Friday night skate, two weekend games and a team meal. We welcome US kids to our double A and single A divisions to learn the fundamentals of ice hockey.

Call us now because YOU can be the best American kid on a Canadian (AA or A) hockey team!

*not affiliated with VRED or Nordiques hockey

Re: 06 Breakout

Am I the only one who has no clue what these two (appears like a conversation between two same people) are talking about? What's the beef?