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Re: 04 Walpole Express

RL special

Re: 04 Walpole Express

Son played against Walpole Express yesterday in a BHL Parity at St A's.
What is the story with the old man on the bench that got booted. He ran out onto the ice. Kids was down but getting back up. The old man was not summonsed onto the ice by the refs? He just jump on they started yelling at the refs. Then he was all over the rink still yelling at the refs.
The Head Coach Verderber was also kicked later. New team this year, this was parity. Cannot wait to see what happens when it counts during the regular season. Pop corn!!!

HC is an issue, but the old man is the bigger problem. Multiple teams in the PHL had issues with him the past few years, including going in an opposing teams locker room after a game to make comments to the opposing players

Re: 04 Walpole Express

I found an old post about the Walpole Express.

04 Walpole Express team. The same three Coaches lose their sh*t with the referees.
Then the players mirror the Coach's behavior on the ice.

It continues to this day, EVERYTIME you play them it turns into a Sh*t show.

Fights, their Coaches get ejected. The Old guy is still around and he starts his mouth to the referees. Also, to the opposing players.

It doesn't matter what league they are in PHL or BHL.

Dear coaches of the 04 Walpole Express team. I have watched you for four years now. NOT EVERY Referee needs to hear from you. Referees are human, but Coaches you three take B**ching to an extreme.
Your players don't benefit from your attitudes.