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Re: Hockeytown

All the EHF wins at any color for not having to go to Hockeytown anymore.

Re: Hockeytown

Definitely sold...Valley League bought it and kicked out the club teams.
Ummmm, close. Paul Gilmartin bought it, who owns the Valley League and the VJW, and they kicked the arch nemesis Islanders out.

Take it easy hardo...yes Gilmartin bought, but they aren't using it for anything other than Valley League games. Islander girls were kicked out...Saved them years of lung trouble and impetigo
I didn't say a club team was going in there, I said it was only partly accurate to say that the "Valley League" bought the rink. Learn to read.

Re: Hockeytown

John and Paul gilmartin didn't buy hockey town to renovate, they bought it to make $$$$. Now they don't have to pay for all that ice they keep the income(smart buisness move) sorry to any of you islanders out there who are trying to make it seem like it wasn't a loss to the islanders but sorry it was. Even though it's not the nicest rink it's ice and they had thought they had that ice for some of their boys teams and their third teams along with some girls teams. So ya now they are trying to find ice elsewhere but it's not consistent and makes it difficult for people who thought they were playing there cause it was convent location wise. Sorry RG didn't get the idea to buy it haha. Everyone can pretend to deny it but the Gilmartin's out smarted gallant and that's just a fact.

Re: Hockeytown

won't you take me to town