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Re: Elite

Only a tool parent uses the word "elite" to describe their kid's team or league.

"What team does your son play for?"

"He plays for the elite Wizards!" << TOOL! I sit as far as possible from this guy/girl during games.

"He plays for the Wizards." << Normal parent who I want to have a beer with.

I like that test. I'll have to remember that.

In my experiences it has been mostly tier 1,bhl and town parents who get caught up in the elite tag and are preoccupied by it. Those parents feel like they are on the outside looking in and most times are the ones talking trash about the elite level and how their kid should be on the elite team.

I've only met a few parents of kids on elite teams who really believe they're kid was elite and that was when our kids were at the mite level. Over the years those parents have come around to the realization that their kids are not as good aa they thought they were at mites. Which sounds absurd. On the whole people need to get over the fact that organizations call their top team the elite team. Whether they call it AAA,elite or superior parents are always going to have an issue

Re: Elite

...and probably spoon!