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Youth Hockey
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Re: New League

One thing is for sure, we have some people out here that agree we have a problem and have demonstrated there are much better alternatives than the products out there today. The ultimate goal would be to have 3 or maybe 4 levels of play from 8u-14u. That's open for discussion. These different levels would allow kids to compete and challenge for positions as they develop. Similar to the minor league hockey system. There wouldn't be a draft per say, but organizations should be free to call up a player or send down a player during the year as deemed appropriate by the coaches. Making this system the most competitive throughout the year.

Starting to like this idea more and more...


...and no daddy coaches...

I had foreseen this issue coming up and it is an important topic we won't take lightly in the league. This one deserves careful consideration. The premise of youth sports has always relied on the actions and kindness of volunteers. Part of that includes coaching. I am aware and understand the challenges it brings to the table and will have to put this to the "board" to discuss.
Hiring non daddy coaches will obviously drive the cost up. If I were to poll the audience, I would suspect most would probably welcome the additional cost as long as the value to development is present. With as many teams as we project, it will be no trivial task finding qualified personnel.
Using daddy coaches, with a different system, may be an alternative. The coaches would have to report to the league and show evidence of the accomplishments and goals they have achieved twice during a season. This will hold them more accountable. The league will also appoint a grievance committee. Any grievances will be investigated thoroughly and proper action will be taken. This is a much more cost effective method with an improved accountability system.

Keep the input coming "board" members.

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