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Re: Lovell Knights 07 Elite

04 Knights in E9. 05 and 06 were 1 game away.

One game away is a joke Bc most talent has already left E9 for the FED. If the program was as good at development as they claim to be they would have back filled easily but that’s not the case. Watched a few games. Several of the new players cannot cross over and the team defense at the 06 birth year was like Swiss cheese due to poor skating. Shots were being taken that tricked to the goal line. [/quote
last yrs lov knights team was a BA team with knight team name only.practiced with BA Elite team in Hingham. Coached at joint practices by TL, DP and RS. This year they changed name to BA Black

Re: Lovell Knights 07 Elite

My son plays for one of the teams in the program, a bit older than 07's. They get a lot of ice and they do a nice job at practices. Absolutely horrendous communication and will shuffled the deck with any team as they see fit to fill rosters. There are definitely some good players in the program. However my sons team has what I referr to as the Lovell disciples. Players who can skate but absolutely hurt the team. All kids who've been there for a while but probably should not be there anymore. The Lovells have no shame breaking rules with rosters. In one way it's good because He plays between programs and teams for them however when it comes to following the rules they just don't care. I've never seen a roster at a tournament because we always have new faces.