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Re: Biggest 06 Tilt this weekend.

Team is hanging with everyone just 4 games in to the is revamped from 2016 team which lost in semi-finals of EMHL playoffs. These kids are just starting to get to know each other!! Talk to me in a month

Is that even when they don't have players from the black team playing with them? Watched players walk from one game to a game to follow when I was there. Couldn't believe how obvious it was when black and white played back to back a couple of weeks ago

Re: Biggest 06 Tilt this weekend.

These games are BIGGLY !!!!! I am all in. Went to the ceasars and mirage sports book and could not find the lines. Can't believe that games this huge in the early season don't have lines. I mean the interest nationally in these games must be intense Attendance will be approaching 20 -25 Why are there no lines !?!?!? Anybody taking action ?

Re: Biggest 06 Tilt this weekend.


Who you got?

Well OP was right about the 2 biggest games. SSK ties the Terriers and Islanders beat the Flames. 2 great games!