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Re: 06 MMF Elite

Real answer, and long-spoken cliche, is one most parents don't want to hear.
It's better for your kid to be an impact player on the next team down.

If your kid is not getting special teams, not getting .5 PPG as a FWD, not on the ice a lot in close games and/or at the end of games......then he will likely be better off being on another team where he can do those things.

Most parents let their egos get in the way.

I acknowledge there are exceptions. I'm not saying every Elite 3rd line winger needs to play Selects....but parents should know when their kids are making an impact and developing the right way. And the best way to develop (outside of practice) is to play in the right situations more often.

Good point. I did this with my boy for a year and moved him down to E9. It definitely helped, got his confidence up and his point production back on track and then moved back to the FED. Not saying it's for everyone but it helped my boy.

Like I have been saying, kid struggles needs seasoning send him down to the E9 and let him gain some confidence. Once he gets that confidence or squares away the part of his came that was hurting him, bring him back up.

It is like I have been saying for months, the FED Elite is the NHL, E9 is the AHL. Some parents like this poster get it and take advantage of the resource.

Kid works hard and make it back to the show. Kid is going places.