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Re: Biggest 06 Elite Tilt this weekend?

How did local 06 teams rate according to my hockey rankings last year?MA, RI etc. which teams competitive/ all leagues included? I'd look it up but it's clear for new year

If you go to MHR, it defaults to 17/18 records, however you can tab to prior years. I believe 06 EHF had 3 in top 10 in the country MMF, Terriers and Eagles?
thanks, just looked and seems that both EHF and E9 are well represented in top 25-50 teams nationwide . Do you think that gives more weight to the arguement that both leagues are competitive or not?

They are competitive but it boils down to the algorithm that MHR uses to weight wins and losses and there is clearly a heavier weighting to EHF vs. E9 You will notice some sub 500 teams in the EHF ahead or very close to the top teams in E9