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Re: Most famous DBoard Teams

No team will ever match the amount of posts the 2002 South Shore Kings generated during their run. While I realize most current posters have younger kids and were not hanging on every moron comment at the time you need to appreciate the amount of jealousy and hatred these kids generated.

Even when they stopped winning parents could not stop talking about them, overweight Breaker Moms still to this day hate them! Blue Chip dad's needed hours of therapy because of them.

They were the Beatles of youth hockey nobody will top them
For those of us (the majority I'd guess) that weren't around for this - can anyone recap what this was all about? I for one am (honestly) curious.
I've been on the boards more than is probably healthy for my overall mental health for a number of years, and I have no idea what this guys is referring to. I think everyone will be biased towards topics that are the most relevant to them. It's like the Cape teams and WN, whoever that is, or IHC and MP, whoever that is - for the last six months we have a small group of posters that have posted incessantly. Suddenly, they are infamous.

WN has been posted about for several years now, Cape is new because just purchased by WN so it's just a continueation, MP probably a bit newer, but definitely not in just the last 6 months. There is always someone new with each generation and someone old fades away. Much like the CapA and the MS from the Caps, and the list goes on.
i agree, IHC, SSK , Caps, MMF, Bandits and WN. Cape teams to New for Dboard fame. But fame can come quick !! Let's keep the puck spinning good stuff