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Re: New England Hockey Costs - $ Value

I am a town coach. Head coach last year and AC this year for a peewee team. I played up through high school. The hockey landscape has changed a lot since I was kid. A lot of the kids I played high school hockey with I also played with them from Mites through Bantams. Its kind of sad that kids today will not really have that experience. I think having choices is great for kids and parents. We also did not have separate skills practices because we were outside almost everyday playing street hockey and roller hockey.

I am fine with where my kid is in hockey because he loves it and its fun for him and its been fun for me to coach him. I am also fine with kids that play on other teams because their parents have to do what they feel is best for them.

But I think its kind of shallow to rank leagues and trash town hockey because not all programs and coaches are the same.

If your child is in an elite program than that is great. The kid has put in the work and develped and should be rewarded for their efforts. Just don't make it about the parents. Your kid did the work, you just opened your wallet.

Well said, Bob!

I am a 2004 "elite" coach. The next "elite" team I coach will be a team of orphans.