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Re: Mid Fairfield Jr Rangers

MFF success is no secret - they are in a very wealthy area and essentially the only elite program in the area so they can pull from a wide base. They also run a good program on top of that.

The issue with other EHF teams is they divide up their players among 6-7 teams covering the same size area that MFF pulls from. No secret why MFF teams are typically in the top 1-2 at every age level.

They actually do it properly....there should not be all these teams within a golf shot of each other. They only reason there are so many is because people just want to make money. All the teams are completely watered down and a complete joke. Give me the days of the PICS and SS Kings only....if you can't make one of those 2 teams your a town player all day long...

Properly? Yes, driving 3 hours every weekend for games is the proper way to do it. I'm sure you're elluding to the fact that elite hockey is watered down. Well, yes indeed it is. However, I would rather have my kid on the "watered down team" team he's on where he's not the best but not the worst, developing, getting more than adequate play time, and contributing to his team, than driving 3 hours every weekend. By the way, my kids watered down team beat the team that drives from CT to MA every weekend so I guess we are doing it "properly"

Re: Mid Fairfield Jr Rangers

You and your bender are the balls!

Re: Mid Fairfield Jr Rangers

Ace Freely
You and your bender are the balls!

Not really. Just making a point that "watered down" hockey in youth hockey is not a big deal Remember, it's about development at this age. Unless your the Dad that will be spouting your kids Mite and Squirt winning team records when they are in HS because that makes up for the fact your kid is on the 3rd line and not getting play time....that make you "the balls"