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Youth Hockey
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Re: Advice

It's on the men's room wall at the Ice Center in Salem
I pray you all don't have daughters

Re: Advice

My T1 son has been asked to start practicing and playing with our organization's elite team. The T1 Mom's are hot and love to wear tight leggings with high leather boots. The elite Mom's are lumpy and bring cow bells to games.

I played hockey at an elite prep school, but I couldn't walk-on my D3 school freshman year because I enjoyed pounding Natty Ices and ordering Dominoes late night. So, I don't have the best experience with these sort of things.


Move to the south shore and join the BSB, then you can have hot moms on your elite team.

Re: Advice

Bsb already rumored to making coaching changes at 06!

Re: Advice

What level?