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Re: Q Chase

Be careful watching points on EHF website. Remember only first game each team plays each other counts towards Q. If a team has points from beating a team for the second time it will not count towards Q. Some teams have played weaker teams so far and others have a tough last 3 to go. Should be interesting and this upcoming weekend may eliminate some and there chances. Good luck to all teams.

Honestly, why doesn't the Fed site track this so we don't have to scroll through each game / team and figure this out. First, it takes away time from the dboard. Second, it's painful. For those that are not personally invested with a kid at that birth year, just post it so people can follow.

Just add a column in the Fed standings for Q qualification standings. Even if they had a separate page with Q standings. Team | Standings | Games Remain


sorry your request got cut

Re: Q Chase

E9 Allstar team would destroy everyone at the Q!