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Re: Glass watchers

I find it is easier on my back to stand rather than sit in the bleachers.

Re: Glass watchers

Depends on the rink, stands at HT suck, can't see a ton of the play. I love sitting with some of the parents on the team and watching the games, other days I like to stand at ice level and watch games. Who would care really?

Re: Glass watchers

What is with all the hockey dads (and moms) who watch games along the glass instead of watching the game from the stands with the rest of the families? Same group that huddles together watching practices to evaluate every drill and performance of the kids. I have generally seen this from mites through peewee minor level. Same guys talking about tryouts 1 month into the season.

Guys......give it a rest. Either your kid is over pressured by you or your kid sucks and is just happy to be there to begin with. Relax and enjoy the long run with them.

Getting away from Yahoos like you who scream down at the kids and the refs. I'm actually enjoying the game and not giving my kid hand signals or having them look up for me every second.

Re: Glass watchers

Who cares

Re: Glass watchers

Who cares
You bender son who will play JV for a D3 HS does.