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Re: Teams with 2 Goalies

My kid is one of two goalies on a pee-wee minor team. In between periods in games that my kid isn't playing, he talks to his co-goalie and attempts to tell him the good things he is doing and to tell him if he is leaving his five-hole open, or if he his dropping his glove. My son's co-goalie is new to the team (he was on an elite team last year and "dropped down" to Tier 1) and my son did the same thing for the past two seasons with his old teammate. My son expects the same when he is playing. The new kid, however, doesn't give my kid any feedback. After a game where we lost 8-3 with the new kid in goal the new kid's father asked me to have my son stop "critiquing" his kid in-between periods (his kid gave up 3 goals in the first period, so not sure if my son started his "critique" during warm-ups, or not). I have spoken to the coaches, who think there is nothing wrong with what my son is doing. Is it me, or is this new kid's dad being difficult? I honestly don't know how other teams with two goalies handle this situation.

I have a goalie myself and it sounds like your son was being a good teammate. The other goalie and dad are being difficult but you should respect their wishes.It's possible the team he came from he was the only goalie. You can't make someone be a good teammate. I'm going to guess that the other goalie and dad didn't "drop down" on their own terms and they could still be sensitive to the fact that they are not at the elite level anymore.

Re: Teams with 2 Goalies

This is something that the 2 boys should have discussed at the biginning of the year. If both agreed on it then it would have been appropriate. If the other kid never "coached" your kid then maybe your kid should have taken the hint. Regardless, discussing the position with each other is not a bad idea. 90% of teams have no goalie coach or a coach that has a clue about goaltending (most will admit as much). I have always encouraged the kids to "talk" to each other about the position. What they find success in doing, maybe notice something the kid is doing different and why, etc. It is not appropriate to criticize every goal the kid gave up and what he should have done differently. That is not being a good teammate to your partner. Never discuss this stuff during the game. I want my goalies concentrating on the next shot and not what they could have done on the last one. After the game is appropriate

All that being said, almost every goalie has a goalie coach or instructor they go to. Let those instructors do what they are being paid to do and coach the goalies. Talking to each other about goaltending is not a problem and can be constructive. Coaching or criticizing each other can and will be.

PS: lose the go pro

Re: Teams with 2 Goalies

tell your kid to zip it. Period. Would drive my kid nuts to listen to that all game.

Re: Teams with 2 Goalies

Oh man, this is gold ! We need more goalie parents on here asap !

The most clueless person in any hockey arena at any given time is the goalie parent who never played hockey !

Re: Teams with 2 Goalies

Shouldn't what your Son is doing really be the coaches job? Are forwards and defense evaluating other lines when they are out there? I don't think so....