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Youth Hockey
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Re: TPE Spring Platform

would be nice to hear from anyone who has attended in the past for a review on it.

Re: TPE Spring Platform

money grab. well run program but totally unnecessary for youth hockey. take the money and go get some more skills. if your good enough, they will find you.

Re: TPE Spring Platform

Totally agreed.....

Re: TPE Spring Platform

It was a fun weekend of hockey for my kid. He got to play with different kids in a competitive setting. The event was well run. It will not make or break your kids hockey career.

Re: TPE Spring Platform

Yes to all of the above.
A bit more expensive than some of the other training weekends, and yes, it's a successful business venture for the organizers....just like any Spring/Summer event.

But IMO, the training/instruction is top-notch, and the level of competition is very high. Both are better than most anything else you'll get on the East Coast in April/May.

So if your kid gets the invite, and you're looking for that type of thing, I would send him.