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Re: U16s playing U15?

Take off hoser

Re: U16s playing U15?


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Re: U16s playing U15?

Thanks a Harry USA Hockey. We are a Tier 1 u15 pure team. So, all those games we win that may help us qualify for states? What do you have to say about that? I suppose it’s alright for post grads to play HS as well? Sounds like you just want to argue. As far as my kid getting cut? Yeah, I’m really concerned beacause there aren’t like 50 other teams locally that want a good hard working player.
Just want to argue? No, just want to make sure you understand that you're way off base. But, keep giving your kid's coach the information he needs to ID you.

BTW, if your kid is on a "15 Tier team," it isn't U15. Just 15.

Now, they will use MHR to rank the teams in the sanctioned tournament. So, I suppose one could argue, if one has a stick up their butts, that the games this kid plays in shouldn't count toward the MHR rankings. So, the coach still isn't breaking any USA Hockey rules, it could simply mean that the team is dropped in the seeding.

I'm glad you're so confident - overconfident? - that a meddlesome dad won't cost your kid chances "beacause" he's such a hard worker. It's a small community, this MA hockey thing. If I'm your kid's coach, I will look very differently at your kid if I know you are out there calling me a cheat, playing favorites for a buddy, in a public forum - anonymously or otherwise - without facts to support you. I don't get paid enough, given all the hours I have to put in, to have to deal with parents like you. And, at your kid's level, its pretty routine that his prospective coach next year is going to give me a call before signing your kid.

And, I think I know now that your kid's coach is a friend of mine.

Nighty night, Dick Head. Sleep well.

OP is certainly butt hurt but if you take all of 30 seconds to look the U15 Age level is played under U16 age classification. So there are no problems with this unless your league specifically says no 16's on the U15 level which typically is not the case. Most leagues allow 1-3 kids to play "down" as long as they are not dominant players and since you are clearly upset about this kid playing bottom 3 i would say he fits the description so grow up and move to a new team since you clearly feel wronged somehow.