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Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

Ohh wow funny that you would mention that well I'd say i would call it a bittersweet dump the bitter part was my little bender got a hat trick while I was giving birth to a monstrosity of a turd the sweet part was it was a double flush even tho it was a comfortable Toto with tons of power hats of to the rink manager on that one it was very clean plenty of toilet paper and not a soul came in there. Although I did hear the roar of the crowd when he scored but not knowing it was for the trick.

Great story, I will share mine now.

It was 2004 and I was on a cruise for my honeymoon. Right when we got in the room I noticed how the hopper was a mere few feet from the bed. I knew right away I had to scout a location for my dumps and the ink was even dry on my marriage certificate I could not have her subjected to the stench that comes from my dumps. One night we had dinner and if you've been on a cruise you know it is paid for and you can eat pretty much what you want. That night it was lobster,shrimp, crab etc..I decided to try a little of each,all the while knowing seafood goes through me like my future bender would through a FED Tier 1 defenseman. As we were going up to the room I needed a plan so I waited til we were at the door and told my wife I going to get a coffee. I could feel the seafood knocking on my backdoor and I had seconds to let it out. I ran down to my previous scouted bathroom and I was just in time because as soon as I dropped my drawers it came out. My butt hadn't even hit the seat, and there was a little bit of a splash but I considered myself fortunate that was all. The smell was quick and heavy, there was no avoiding it. The first part of my dump was all liquid. I say first part because I thought I was done, got up to wipe and right away, my colon said no way buddy, we aint done here. I then proceeded to drop two anaconda logs that came out perfectly and floated peacefully in the oil slick I provided just moments earlier. Both segments of this dump were un interrupted and quite enjoyable. As I washed my hands a group of teens walked in. There were 8 stalls and one of them opened the door to the stall that had been the place of my handy work. I could see him in the mirror as I washed my hands and his reaction was priceless. I could his head swing back as if both my dumps punched him squarely in the face. He yelled in horror and ran out. I then went to get my coffee and head back to my honeymoon suite. But, before heading back there I went back to the scene of the crime. As I opened the door to the bathroom, my nose picked up the scent right away. I decided to stand in there and bask in the glory that was my sensational dump in international waters.

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed playing the lead role in it.

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

Sh!tty thread, even by D Board standards.

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

Now that we have covered restrooms can we move onto the best rink food?

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

I've seen what you did there you put the word $hit on your post clever...

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

Hey Goon, just last week I experienced my first CGA in a long time, like over a decade.

For those not up to date on crapper terminology CGA stands for Clean Get Away, for this rare, special times you wipe and there's nothing there because it came out clean. Again, very rare especially the older you get..The key is good diet and real good butthole maintenance...Like my friend Douglass Tannenbaum use always tell us, take care of your butthole and your butthole will take care of you..Douglass lives in San Francisco with his life partner Gary and their puggle Mr. Biggelsworth but none the less it was sound advice he gave me when we shared a sleeping bag at camp when we were 11.

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

The bathroom at the far end bottom of rink one hardly ever has anybody in it. Good place if you have to take a smash. Anybody know of any others at NES?

Yes but the other bathrooms are reserved for the EHF Elite families.

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

The secret EHF Elite only bathrooms have Live Barn screens in the stalls. It's great. Don't forget to tip the valets.

Re: Secret bathrooms at NES

The secret EHF Elite only bathrooms have Live Barn screens in the stalls. It's great. Don't forget to tip the valets.

Which rink do they show on those screens? No Live Barn at NESC. The bathrooms aren't that good, or do you go there for the seafood?