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Re: Teams looking for alternates?

This is classic. Congrats your son “rolled” the Wizards mite team in a cross ice game. No other Wizards team plays in VL, and they always do that that because they require their Mite teams to do cross ice. Look in th mirror bud.. let the 7 and 8 year old kids have some fun.

BN. Don't be a fool. Many other wizards teams play VHL. Look at PW division. The girls team plays AAA level and compete very well. That's their 1 team. Their 2 team also playing AA, A pewee level u chump know it all. STFU.

All GIRLS teams my friend.

Re: Teams looking for alternates?

Lotta ponytails on that team that your little "man" rolled??? 😂😂

Re: Teams looking for alternates?

Lotta ponytails on that team that your little "man" rolled??? 😂😂

Pony tails and pink skate laces but congrats to him on the big cross ice win!

Re: Teams looking for alternates?

Huskies, Breakers, Bandits, Caps, Top Gun


The Whole League.

E9/BHL organizations actually play in the Valley. My sons town team rolled a Wizards team recently.

Every now and then you'll see a Wizards, Assabet or Boch team scuffling around in the Valley.

Don't get me wrong, the talent level at the highest level of the Valley is = to the E9 or BHL.

I just find it ironic that some parents chase the club team dream and end up playing in the same league their town team plays in.

They must be waiting till the hitting starts.

Nitwit - you do realize that if an E9 team is in the BHL or VHL it is the lowest level team at that particular age group? Top team plays in E9, Select and lower in BHL.

But good job, keep "rolling".