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Re: EHF Postings

Yea, you guys are right, it’s a much better idea to have everyone text, and IM everyone they know, and don’t know , to find out what’s going on in the EHF. After all it’s only a free rev league...right? Actually we schools probably text while we are driving home.... yeah, I get it.
Why, why why, would we use the website that is already in place, and can be viewed anywhere in the world.
That whole internet thing is a farce....

No, don't think that is the poster's point. I think the point is you shouldn't care that much unless it's your kids team. Way too many parents way to into kiddy hockey
I made the same point, because the guy was actually trying to lay his own pathetic ways on his kid. The kids are already texting and IM'ing, if they're old enough to have a cell phone. If they aren't, I promise you, they aren't wondering about the score of last Sunday's BJE/Top Gun tilt.

Re: EHF Postings

Said the man that trolls the Dboard 18 hours a day!

Re: EHF Postings

Why, Why, Why, can't teams post the wins in a timely manner. Their organizations must be a joke. Please get with it. We claim to be Elite but can't even update the EHF website for us crazy people.

Why, Why, Why do you care so much? You were at your kids game right? GET A LIFE!!

Re: EHF Postings

To answer the op question , it is up to the winning teams coach to send in the game sheet, standing are updated as they come in. Not our fault