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Re: ?BSB?

Can someone please tell us WTF is going on down there? Two months into the season and not one team in the top five in any age group! Mostly at the bottom. How did this happen?

What is so hard to understand? Just like the Bandits and Terriers they can't compete with teams from Boston, Metro West, and the North Shore. Not enough talent and too many orgs fighting for the same kids. Elite moniker on the South Shore is joke, there are none, most of the top T1 black kids from the top programs would replace these elite teams easily. Plus every team has a daddy coach from the SSC Town hockey running things.

Here is the secret formula:

1) Use independent evaluators at tryouts. Most of the KOCs wouldn't make the cut. Also would eliminate the kids of Daddy's buddies.
2) Remove the Daddy Coaches.
3) Offer improved skills.
5) Win games.
6) Winning pulls talent from other markets.

Imagine this scenario:

You have a team of 3-4 daddy coaches (take your pick the leagues are littered with them). Moments before the coaches take the ice for tryouts a handful of legitimate independent evaluators that nobody know takes the ice. The Daddy's are told they will not be involved in the evals and to tak a spot along the glass. Evaluators will pick the top 9 Forwards and 5 D and post the results for the coaches and parents to see. The coaches will then get their team after all players are scored and ranked.

Can you imagine the horror? Would be f&cking priceless.

One of the biggest reasons Town Hockey is dying is they've never seen the need for "legitimate independent evaluators" at try-outs and everyone got ****** and left.

The B.O.D.'s and daddy coaches killed Town Hockey and now they waltz around wondering 'where did everyone go' and saying 'oh that kid wasn't that good anyway.'

06s are barely scraping by trying to fight to not be the bottom. And what happened to the mighty tier 1? Last year they thought they were the next Elite team. Now they are losing to bottom teams as well.

Except you end up with a team that is no better than the one you think are blowing up and here is why. Some kids are very bad at practice and tryouts yet are very good in games. Some kids are great at tryouts and very bad at games. Some kids have good tryouts but maybe are an "ugly" skater and wont make the team. So instead of complaining that you have daddy benders on the ice you now complain that the kids were not chosen properly because"how could someone know after only seeing them 3 times" No organization uses truly independent evaluators because it just doesn't work the way you think.

Who cares BSB elite teams are terrible, too many dads, too many SSC all stars, falling below Bandit and Top Gun standards.