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Re: Florida teams

No doubt. People confuse a few issues. They think the caliber of players from mass is on the decline based on other players being from Florida,California,Texas etc being just as good if not better. They think because only a handful of Mass kids on U17 and 18 National devt teams means mass hockey not putting out as many good players. This thinking is just not accurate. All this means is that there are more players from all over the country playing hockey than ever before. Mass kids are now competing with kids from all these other so called non hockey markets for spots on the devt team,prep school slots,college scholarships,USHL rosters etc.....all this means is that there are less opportunities for all the good players from Mass because there are also now good players from other areas that previously didn't exist. Doesn't mean the talent level is dropping, it just means less opportunity. 15-20 years ago scholarship players at BC and BU weren't competing for spots with kids from Texas and California. Now they are.
You're in denial. The talent level is dropping. You aren't seeing the same number of MA kids that are truly elite by HS, by age 18. The teams from MA aren't quite as competitive any more when they compete at the highest levels in NA. Given the resources we have in this area, MA kids should be able to maintain an advantage over kids from FL, TX or CA, where it's way tougher to find ice.

The reason is, MA hockey is too watered down. All this endless, pointless debate over EHF and E9. You can't assemble 20 Elite teams. We need fewer teams that play at the highest level to allow the special talents in the area to be pushed, every day in practice, every game on the weekends.

Re: Florida teams

Not in denial. It's called logic. So in 5 years when lax kids from the south and West Coast start eating into scholarships at Syracuse,John Hopkins and Duke are you goin to start to say the talent level in NY and New England is on the decline?

Re: Florida teams

If the FED is so good how can they get pounded from teams from Florida????

That would be pounded "by" teams.