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Re: EHF Tier 1

Gourdie How
So what team in Tier 1 plays in Springfield? The Jr Thunderbirds play all games in Enfield , and in the EHF "Elite" division are there not teams in Ct and NH already? How is the travel that much different? You could go play in the E9 and drive to Springfield and Burlington Vt and New Hampshire. It's called travel hockey for a reason, you don't like it I hear there are house leagues all over the place.

The Thunderbirds have Springfield in their name, but they play in enfield. There are no Fed teams in Springfield but that’s only 15 min or so away from Enfield

Re: EHF Tier 1

How about dropping about 7-8 teams from silver before creating geographic divisions.

Re: EHF Tier 1

If your kid isn't in silver what's it matter? My kids classmate plays in the NEPHL Squirt premier division, and their travel is much worse than any color or elite in EHF.

Re: EHF Tier 1

how stupid to keep adding colors just so you can say your kid is playing in that league. Your an idiot if you pay for that crap ....

Re: EHF Tier 1

What do you care what league or team someone else's kid plays for.

Sorry your little bender was cut......

Re: EHF Tier 1

Please get rid of Black, White, Silver. Make 2 division based on geographic and allow the top 8 teams play in the playoffs.

Currently not a fan!

That kind of sounds like BHL. It's also the same look my face makes with people who say the wealthy need to "pay their fair share".

People don't realize even if you made it geographic it would still be lopsided travel. People on this board make it sound like they have something interesting going on in their lives that they need to get back to as opposed to driving around from rink to rink. Rest assured, they don't.