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Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

I feast on fed elite parents
A Non
He changed the 2 goalies 6 times. Just didn't know if this was a new strategy other coaches are using.

Interesting tactic to serve as de facto time outs maybe? Tough to know without knowing details of the game situation.

article in USA hockey magazine, talks about switching the goalies out every 4 minutes. Wizards girls coach is currently doing it and a few teams in the Midwest Gets goalies more involved in the game instead of sitting on the bench for a half a game. Interesting concept. Only way it will be accepted by the parents is as long as the team is winning.

Going to go out on a limb here and say that the Cyclones are not wining. In any event, this goes against what any goaltender coach or goalie will tell you. The preferred theory amongst goalie coaches, head coaches and goalies at the upper levels is to not split time at all. Give one goalie one game and the other the next. That way each goalie "owns" that game. No pressure to come in half way and keep a shutout or lose a game, also avoids pulling a hot goalie in the interest of fairness, however on the other hand you could be stuck with a bad goalie for an entire game.

This strategy probably helps the cyclones at the 05 level because if they have one good goalie and one bad goalie it may help them avoid the close games where they get blown out after inserting the other goalie.

In any event, this is kind of foolish, however the youth goalies may enjoy it and keep them engaged. I guess if the goalies are good with it then so be it, but at some point the goalie needs to grow up and take responsibility for an entire game, so as to not shift blame. I would say Pee wee major is about that time.

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

I have never seen anything like this before. I figured the Head coach was trying to change the game as we know it.

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

Sounds like a good idea. I think I will try it this weekend with my goalies

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

This guy will be coaching at the D1 College level before you know it. He is completely changing the landscape of youth hockey with his new approach to keeping his goalies fresh.

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

Why is it always the goalies fault?

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

i didn't see anyone blaming the goalie.

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

clones rule
i didn't see anyone blaming the goalie.
He was kidding.

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

good deal.

Re: 05 cyclones / goalie changes

As HC I demand this to stop