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Re: Silver

It seems pretty apparent that he hates driving to Springfield because they....lose.

Either way (winning or losing) the talent varies greatly from the top teams to the bottom teams. The rides aren't that bad for 06 but if you're winning or losing by 7 a game its a parity issue.

Parity issues will always exist and are in all of the divisions. If you look at the 06 division I believe there are 30 teams total. 10 in each division and each one has non performs at the bottom and out performers at the top and it has always been that way. Bottom black and top white can probably compete and bottom white and top silver the same, but there has to be some cut off. It's always the ones at the top of the white ( and now the top of the silver) who always complain. Can't blame them but what they never seem to understand is if they were in the upper division they would more than likely be the bottom and loosing 80-90% of your games can damper development as well. No perfect answer when parity is involved. [/quote]

If you did 6 divisions of 5 in EHF Tier 1 you would have much better parity. You can see that across the board. Even Elite should be split in 2. If they really cared about parity, travel should be a secondary consideration.