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Re: Is there any hope left for competent officiating in youth hockey?

The problem with the refs is it still works on the Good old boy system. My son went two years ago and became a ref, his first year he worked maybe 25 Squirt C games. He repeatedly asked for more work and was denied. One of my best friends who has a very well paying 9-5 , also refs on the weekends and is very good friends with the ref scheduler would routinely get 10 games a weekend just because of his friend. So what\\\'s the incentive for a young kid to keep at it when they get no games, get harassed unmercifully by **** head parents and coaches for not much \\\$\\\$\\\$ a season. It\\\'s really not a shock there is a shortage of refs.
The incentive is to learn how life works, pay your dues, work hard, wait for your opportunities, and take advantage of them when they arise. Too many entitled parents raising entitled kids.

Not to dump on you to much, but if you have a good friend that is connected and your kid still couldn\'t get games, there\'s probably a reason.
You complain about entitled kids and not learning how to navigate life, and then bag on me not using my friendship to get him more work?

Just maybe my 16 year old was learning how to work through his issues on his own , without me stepping in and doing it for him. Could you be anymore contradictory in one post.

Not that it matters but he figured out how to network the referee crowd and now has plenty of work, all by his entitled self.
It's only contradictory if you add things that aren't there. I didn’t say anything about your "stepping in and doing it for him." He is capable of asking one of your "best friends" for assistance with getting scheduled. He could even serve as a mentor for him.

Networking IS "how life works." No contradiction there at all. It's about building relationships and paying things forward.

Re: Is there any hope left for competent officiating in youth hockey?

Yup, while I’m at it I’ll run for Congress and join PETA.
Doesn’t matter if your a volunteer... DO YOUR JOB!
Starting at the Top level.
Why would you pretend you know anything about the game at the "top level" based on having seen your kid play at the "bottom?"

Re: Is there any hope left for competent officiating in youth hockey?

All I really want from the refs is to ensure the kids are safe and keep the game as clean as possible. Refs are part of the game at every level and they are human. Mistakes do happen. At the youth level they are not full time employees and I feel most refs do their best.