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Re: IntelliGym

Has anyone seen this or used it? the science behind it is interesting and it seems that many sports are developing a similar tool and some at very high levels are using it.... that said the claims of success are a bit far fetched.... I expect the usual "money grab", "USA hockey Stinks" etc but if anyone has actual insight into this it might be interesting... they charge a lot for it.
Tried it briefly. I can say that I think my son was a bit to young for it at the time and also does not like video games so there was not that attraction to it. I tried it several times so that I could help him with it and understand it.

I think it could be a very valuable tool for certain kids/young adults.

The simple way they demonstrate an indirect pass opened my sons eyes to something he never saw develop on the ice.

So in short, I think there is a spot for it. Wasn't for us long term and canceled it because he was not using it and was spending his time shooting pucks and stickhalnding and doing other sports so I was not about to tell him to make sure he spent his 20 minutes on the computer, that would have went unused that day.

I think I will eventually re visit it at some point in the future for him

Re: IntelliGym

Tried it for 3 months with my kids as an experiment. I think they got too caught up in how to beat the game, and how dumb their AI teammates were, and maybe didn't draw parallels to hockey enough as a result. So perhaps they were too young, but then again 12ish is about when you need to get this stuff. IMHO if your kid is motivated enough to spend 10+ minutes extra a day on hockey at home, there are plenty of things they could do for free that would help them improve (for example stickhandling with their head up so they can make those awesome plays that Intelligym supposedly teaches).

Re: IntelliGym

The graphics and technology rivals Atari Pong.