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Re: Expired CEP Level

What happens to a coach that let’s his/her coaching certificate expire on 12/31? What are the repercussions? Are they removed from coaching all together (practice & games) or just games? Do the respective programs pay close attention to this?
The Modules are challenging for a lot of adults bc they require reading, writing note taking and a little studying. Many coaches are challenged in this area bc they never learned properly and they have become accustomed to be able to convince themselves that what they say, do or think while coaching is appropriate bc they say it is so...... not because it is correct. Some coaches pay people to complete these modules for them, others allow team parents to complete for them, some struggle over time and others do complete the modules. There is no way to not have to take the modules bc of connections as it is a liability issue for USA hockey.
What at dick.

Not coaching any more, I "retired" when my kid got to the age and level where I was no longer adding as much value as others with more experience could. But, I am patched to Level 3. The modules aren't hard at all, but what is even less challenging is sitting on the corner glass at every practice and game criticizing someone that is essentially volunteering their time to help kids (with the exception of the coaches out there that are literally or figuratively abusive of kids - they can burn in hell). If you break the value received, whether as a Daddy coach or a paid coach, by the hour, it's a pittance. They aren't doing it for the money.

Have the sack to go get patched and then try coaching entitled cretins like your kid. Until you do that, keep your ignorance to yourself.