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Re: Playing up

Yes, Happens all the time
Actually it doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t happen that often in New England at first year checking.
Maybe in your circle or organization, but happens all the time.
It happens at the younger birth years not as much at the older birth years regardless of \\\"what circle you run in\\\". Maybe it\\\'s a standard in the NEPHL league. Probably the circle the last poster runs in.
First Off... Are you aware of how many 05\'s are playing up as 04\'s in EHF, E9, BHL ? I know it is tough to understand that 05\'s that are that good when you see you your own kid.

Are you also aware that \"first year checking in New England\" has changed from 11 YO to 13 YO In New England and it is not as big as a jump as you think, most high level pee wee kids are playing a physical game that has more checking than I saw in the PHL 16U Championship games this past weekend.
Yes I am aware, not that many are playing up and BHL is a joke, so is 2/3rds of the E9. So believe me when I say not to. Any true elite kids are playing up.
Another one slurping down the Kool Aid. BHL is nothing but select hockey and doesn't proclaim to be anything else. EHF and E9 has the same percentage of "elite" (made up term) players (i.e., not many).