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Re: Pics Tournament

Wrong about 07s.... 20% of the Fed Elite teams were there, 2 more "Elite" teams and 2 "Allstar" town teams made up the field.
Stacked!!! Better of the 2 Fed teams won of course because Fed teams are the greatest, other elite teams realized their kids got cut from Fed teams and
town team parents got woke yo!! Lots of scouts watching and I even saw one 07 sign a letter of intent to a D1 school, of course was a Fed kid.
Islanders, Gulls and Rangers were wise to duck this one!!!!! Quack quack *********
Only Two Fed teams, Two BHL teams, 1 NEPHL team and two town teams. Field was a cake walk for the 2 Fed teams.

Re: Pics Tournament

What happened to the Pics tourney? The field other than 05 and 09 looks really bad.
It's too bad as it was a good event. The 09 field was decent with an elite and tier 1 bracket; but for the other BYs seems like the teams went elsewhere.