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Re: Peewee tourney

Did I really see that the 2 Elite 05 lovells knights and 95 Giants teams got beat by an 06 tier 1 team?
If you think that team you saw was the 05 Elite team, then you have no idea how far behind your kid is.
Not sure about the knights but Giants had their 05 elite team there. Now, I\'m not saying they really are elite but that is the team that played. And like you stating, I/my kid are behind in the game if I think that is elite hockey, you know nothing about what team or league my kid plays in. So you, in fact, just proved what happens when you ASSume.
I know its not a very good one if you were present at that tourney !
Again, see what happens when you ASSume. But I think my 7 year nephew was very happy we came to cheer him on