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Re: Icing the PK

While I don't have as much a problem with the rule as I thought I would, I have seen a side-effect that no one seems to talk about. The team on the power play dumps it in more now than they did before. Because they know the shorthanded team can't ice the puck, and that they have a numerical advantage on the forecheck, teams are playing dump and chase hockey on the PP more than trying to execute a proper zone entry. So, while the rule is encouraging skills enhancement for the short handed team, its in equal measure discouraging skills enhancement for the team on the PP. It seems to be a wash for me. If I were a coach, I would teach my kids that unless they have an easy zone entry available, just dump and chase on the PP.

Re: Icing the PK

That's a great point, the only issue remaining for me on this is why not ice it and take the whistle? At the youth hockey level you are allowed a player change and get some fresh legs on the ice when needed, this limits the player advantage for the pp team.

Re: Icing the PK

no penalty if you ice it. just keep icing it.
very interesting that most of the refs don't know the rule. don't call it
They know the rule, they just waive it off as it hit some mystery stick on the way down because they want to get the game over. Between crazy parents screaming at them, psycho coaches on the bench, entitled brats on the ice, and the rink management trying to keep to a schedule, it's hard to blame them.