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Re: 10 Types of Hockey Parents

So which one are you? Be honest with yourself :grinning:

1. Socialite - sits in stands distracting all other parents and barely watches the game because your too chatty

2. Focused - stands with other parents but borderline rude because your not paying attention to the Socialites

3. Analyst - stands with others and breaks down every play for parents around you, often referencing your playing days

4. Commentator - in the stands with parents and openly makes negative comments about all players but their own

5. Intense Commentator - alone muttering to self about players, coach, refs, trying to hide psychoness from others

6. Screamer - non-stop loses mind screaming at ever little thing (trip!, head shot!, shoot!, skate!)

7. Glass Banger - stands in the corner with buddies and bangs on glass on every play - their kid is always the victim

8. Corner Psycho - alone away from all, intensely pacing every time their kid on ice, switches ends each period

9. Mid-Ice Glass - stands directly across from bench at mid ice, watching coach\'s every move, counting shifts and TOI

10. Normal Corner - quietly watches game away from all above, other end from Corner Psycho
A few more types are:

The Knob Polisher - the dad who meets coach in parking lot before each game and polishes his knob.
CheckMate - Coaches side kick at away games and tourneys who always picks up coaches check.
The Mole - the mom / dad who act as a double agent and go undercover around parents and their conversations and report
back to the coach.
The Party Parent - the mom / dad who throw team parties all the time but their lil johnny shouldn't be on team yet they throw a good party a few times per month and are kept around.