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Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

btw this is fact based trolling

Have fun

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

If you are ranked 330 or for that matter anything below 100 simple math is not a MHR problem and simple math is not your problem. Trying to rank teams in the 300's is harder that proving the abc conjecture.... your team is not good, they play lots of other not good teams and if you move up or down 10 spots you are still not good and still playing not good teams. None of this is the fault of the algorithm. in most cases it is a combination of genetic short comings.

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

Lakes Region Lakers. Still not quite in the top squirt division in the Valley League

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

The post was about the fact that myhockey can't myhockey can't devide 76 by 19 without help... The rest of thread was just gravey

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

Just giving a little context for the gravy

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

The gross goal differential is calculated by subtracting your total goals against from total goals for. The average goal differential shown (which is used to calculate your rating) assigns a cap of 7 to any game differential that exceeds 7. If there are games with goal differential greater than 7, the division won't look right, but the algorithm is being applied correctly.

For instance, you win three games 2-1, 12-2, and 7-3. Your gross goal differential is 15, but for ranking purposes your differential is only 12. So average differential per game appears to be 5, but is really 4 for MHR ranking purposes. His only "mistake" is showing these two data points next to each other, which is somewhat misleading.

But if you care that much, you should easily be able to figure this out, especially if you purport to be curious about mathematics.

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

Wrong guy.. did I mention talent.

You making assumptions again
Silly me, thinking you meant "talent" when you said we have never played the level of competition we have played this year.

What are you saying ? You guys are the best worst team there is ? You are referring to the level of talent being the worst you have played ? Because you cant be touting your GD if even you are saying you are playing against no talent, unless in your sick and twisted mind the kids are doing great because they also have no talent and are still able to put of four a game agianst no talent.

I think along with myself and several others you are also confused..

and good luck with teh dynasty. You have single handily turned away any potential players for your organization with your craziness here. Good work, but please do keep it up. I am sincere about the keeping it up part.

Re: my hockey algo cant do simple math

By d-board standards you are exactly right Anon.. we are the best worst team or the worst best team. The level of competition we are facing this year is great for our team. We are being challenged every game

It's really how you look at it