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Youth Hockey
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Re: U15 / U16

How much is a typical full year program and anyone with experience think it was worth it for their kid? Any off ice / supervisory issues with all the travel and coaches minding the players versus parents?
I think all of those answers vary by program. Ky kid has played two years of full season, I think one was just shy of $10,000, but that included some of the team travel. The other was $7,500 without any travel.

No incidents with coaches watching the kids. But, most full season teams have billeted kids, so the coaches have responsibility throughout the season to keep an eye out.

At the same time, I do know of full season teams where the billet conditions weren't what they needed to be (overcrowding, not enough food) and others where there were some drug issues (as you will get in any situation involving teenagers).

Best advice is to do your homework. Ask to speak with parents of current players if you have concerns. You have a right to, especially at age 15, but then again, you don't want to be one of "those parents," either.

Was it worth it? Compared to the crap team he would be playing for, yes, absolutely.

Re: U15 / U16

Spot on. Check out the programming coach though. Lovell, kings, islanders, cyclones, and monarchs are good. Stay clear of the money grab teams that don’t play in a league and really are a joke like walpole express and Boch militia