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Re: Responding to Trolls

Mike Cocks
A few quick notes about this commentator (who we will refer to as "Fedelite4lyfe")

* Fedelite4lyfe purchases organic hockey sticks for his child to use.
* Fedelite4lyfe dots his "i"s with hearts
* Fedelite4lyfe cleanses with kale.
* Fedelite4lyfe brings 13 items into the express lane.
* Fedelite4lyfe thinks Game of Thrones is just "ok".
* Fedelite4lyfe eats pizza with a fork.
* Fedelite4lyfe recycles
* Fedelite4lyfe watches Full House.
* Fedelite4lyfe likes "Godfather 3"
* Fedelite4lyfe uses Myspace.
* Fedelite4lyfe hoardes Garden gnomes
* Fedelite4lyfe made rainbow loom bracelets for his teammates in high school.
* Fedelite4lyfe calls his mother on a daily basis.
* Fedelite4lyfe shops local.
* Fedelite4lyfe is a cat guy.
* Fedelite4lyfe reads the Itunes terms and conditions before each purchase.
* Fedelite4lyfe saves wrapping paper
* Fedelite4lyfe prefers baths
* Fedelite4lyfe cries while watching Titanic.
* Fedelite4lyfe still has a blockbuster card
* Fedelite4lyfe CAN believe it's not butter

Ohhhh...and he sucks. Have a good night buddy.
"Have a good night buddy."

Oh, you got him! Well done! :face_with_rolling_eyes: