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Re: Team/league?

You miss the point of this place..u gotta be a noob. Of course it was a troll..trolling, gossip, and bashing, I believe that is in the dboard mission statement. Just because it's posted by a troll, doesn't mean you can't actually put up useful information for a future visitor. After all, this is the internet & nothing ever really disappears.

Re: Team/league?

I'm not a troll. Truly was looking for info regarding club teams and organizations. Thank you for those of you who offered info. I really appreciate it and it is extremely helpful. I'm sure there are trolls on here like any other website, but I really do find this info. helpful.

Re: Team/league?

VJW, Wizards and Spartans are all very good teams at 08 level. IHC is hurting and continuing to fall apart - take a look at their record and talk to a few people, everyone will say the same thing. Don't get caught in the EHF vs E9 thing - top 4 in each league are good and could all play each other - massive drop off after that. Talk to coaches at each team your considering - all with be glad to have your little man skate at a practice.

Re: Team/league?

Talk to friends who have made the move, call the teams and go skate with them for a practice.... you will quickly figure out where he fits.... town to top club team is about 4X the jump you think it is but there is a level for everyone these days....find a good coach and a rink you can get to easily in that order.