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Re: D-men leading team in scoring..

Must have hit a nerve, enjoy your shift at the state liquor store.

Re: D-men leading team in scoring..

I remember back a few years and their were two or three 'it kids' at the peewee level. One played for his dad and ended-up at CM his freshman year and I think by his junior year he ended-up playing football. Another was suppose to be the second coming and he played at BCH his freshman year and then moved over to Thayer and I think he failed to grow and I have no idea what happened to him and the third was a solid player and played on some elite teams, went to St. Sebs and is now playing D-III hockey at a pretty good school.

Re: D-men leading team in scoring..

this is good news

Re: D-men leading team in scoring..

forget the offensive dmen. where is the best all around young dman around FED or e9 for my boy to emulate. the kid w. the IT factor. defensive teams to watch. those who are in the know may not want to share