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Re: Size less of a factor

It’s about the odds - hundreds of good players 5’7”-5’9”, but as you get above 6’ and then to 6’2”+ then not so many. So while a few smaller size kids can and make, it is a lot harder to do.

Re: Size less of a factor

A Non
It's interesting to see how the Bruins(and other NHL teams) are kind of all over on this. Bruins have Chara, McQuaid and Carlo yet also run with Krug and Grzelcyk so it seems size IS a factor but it's not the only one.
It's called balance. You need smaller, quick guys, hopefully in your bottom pair that can QB the Power Play, and you need big guys that can use their length and gap control to neutralize speed.

The Bruins will have better balance when McQuaid is back. That should reduce Krug's minutes, which exposes him defensively, and I think Grzelcyk ends up being a healthy scratch most nights, or in Providence.

Re: Size less of a factor

It's like the old Nintendo hockey game 2 skinny guys, 2 medium, 1 big. Balance.

Re: Size less of a factor

Do yourself a favor..take your player to a St.Sebs, Rivers, Brooks, AOF game and then come back here to respond to the size vs speed question.
Well maybe not Brooks!

Re: Size less of a factor

Thayer academy, highly skilled no real size. Proctor academy no size, St Sebs no real size other than couple but across the board these teams are same size as public school,just more skilled.

Re: Size less of a factor

You mean the "prodigy"?

Re: Size less of a factor

Is that the kid whose dad looks like he's off his blood pressure pills? The parent who has his son try to play 06 because hes "better than"? That poor kid.