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Re: The USAH Full Ice Debacle

We should know shortly who is right/wrong on this debate. My understanding is the much of the country has fully embraced the ADM model, from xice to practice/game ratio with New England being a glaring hold out, mostly thanks to club hockey & us parents. IMHO, the 02's and 03's represent the first group of kids who will have been on significantly different development path than their peers around the country since age 5+ If the anti-ADM guys are right, we should start to see an uptick in New England players on U16 worlds, U18 worlds and NTDP team. If the number of New England players numbers continue to shrink, to me that will be additional validation of the overall ADM model.

Re: The USAH Full Ice Debacle

I see most of New England A, AA, AND AAA is embracing ADM philosophy at their practices AND clinics ...just not during games..not any leagues yet. Only have to follow our e9 elite and fed teams at their travel AAA squirt and pee wee tournaments against national fields outside of NE to see MOST teams can no longer qualify or belong in the top divisions. See Redmen next week at JJ Rosato tg 06 tourney next week.. this will tell just how far off we are.

Re: The USAH Full Ice Debacle

Redmen AAA Team has no shot to win the Elite division of the 06 Rosato Tournament even though they are older than the teams they are playing. No clue what you think this will prove for the ADM.

Sorry Town Hockey got cut!

Re: The USAH Full Ice Debacle

Redman are a 4th place tier 2 team🤔