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Re: Are you serious

League games will be played unless there is an announcement made on canceling
games league-wide. If a league wide cancellation has not been announced but a team feels it is unsafe to
travel, they must contact their organization’s director to seek league approval for canceling their game.
Coaches do not have the authority to cancel games. If a team does not show for a game without prior
league approval, the game will be recorded as a forfeit and that team/organization will be subject to
fines. The EHF cares about the safety of its families, so a coach\'s cancellation request will not be
unreasonably withheld.:hankey: :hankey: :hankey:

League games should not be rescheduled unless an unavoidable situation arises, such as dangerous
weather, rink malfunction or double bookings. The following are examples of reasons that are not
appropriate for requesting a game change: one of the team’s coaches can’t make the game; an injury to a
team’s top player or goaltender recently occurred; multiple players and their families are on vacation;
there is a professional sporting event on TV that everyone wants to watch; or there is a professional
sporting event that is being played locally and will thus create treacherous traffic patterns. :hankey: :hankey: :hankey:

This rule sucks they do not care if you get hurt just keep driving to the rink.:astonished:
Thanks Top Gun coach for forfeiting today. What a joke.
That may be the TG new strategy ! 1-0 forfeit to keep the goals against respectable !

Re: Are you serious

Why do you have such a hard on for TG Hockey? Did a TG Mom or Dad disrespect you at a game.